Shatter the Myths

The percentage of underage drinkers has actually decreased by one third over the last 10 years. However, there is still work to be done! Research shows that young people’s brains keep developing well into their 20s. Alcohol can alter this development, potentially...

Marijuana Misperceptions

As more states are legalizing the recreational and medicinal use of marijuana, there are a lot of misperceptions and misinformation floating around. The problem is that the U.S Food and Drug administration has not recognized or approved marijuana or CBD. Due to the...

Have the Hard Conversation, Then Have It Again

If we address behavioral issues like experimenting with drugs and other risky behaviors proactively, perhaps we can curb  the likelihood of a big problem occurring. Either way, before or after, we have to address the issue, so we might  as well have the conversation...

Beyond The Bell Elevator Speech


Beyond The Bell’s focus is on the health and safety of young people ages 9-20 and their parents.  Beyond The Bell provides LifeSkills training and other programs to ensure youth live happy and safe lives and use the tools we provide to enjoy activities that exclude alcohol, marijuana, tobacco, and other drugs.   

We use evidence-based strategies to build skills and support the needs of young people and thus reduce barriers to their success.

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