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There has been a 1% decrease in both alcohol use and electronic vaping among young people in DeKalb and Rockdale Counties; however, marijuana use stayed the same in DeKalb County and increased by 1% in Rockdale County. –Georgia Student Health Survey

**Numbers and percentages may be different due to the difference in number of youth participation each year

Upson County has seen a 3% decrease in alcohol use, a 4% decrease in electronic vaping and a 2% decrease in marijuana use among young people. –Georgia Student Health Survey

The City of Savannah has shown a 1% decrease in both alcohol
and marijuana use, and a 2% decrease in electronic vaping.
Georgia Student Health Survey

Beyond the Bell effectively provides prevention programs, interventions and/or resources when appropriate to reduce substance use in youth.

DeKalb County

1500 Klondike Rd SW, Ste A102
Conyers, GA 30094
(770) 285-6037

Upson County

310 N. Church St. Ste A
Thomaston, GA 30286
(706) 938-6100

Macon/Bibb County

3115 Vineville Ave
Macon, GA 31204
(478) 259-7566

Beyond The Bell Elevator Speech

Beyond The Bell Elevator Speech


Beyond The Bell’s focus is on the health and safety of young people ages 9-20 and their parents.  Beyond The Bell provides LifeSkills training and other programs to ensure youth live happy and safe lives and use the tools we provide to enjoy activities that exclude alcohol, marijuana, tobacco, and other drugs.   

We use evidence-based strategies to build skills and support the needs of young people and thus reduce barriers to their success.

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