Youth (persons <=18 years of age) Jovan Lawton Cameron Calloway Kameron Richburg


Kimberly Huston Valencia Paul Raven Thornton
Business community


Caroline Richburg Stacy Thibodeaux Renee Huff


The Champion Newspaper (John Hewitt) India Hines

(860 AM: Food for the Soul)



Ocie Rush LaTonya Smiley
Youth – serving organizations Marcia Lynch (Schoolkids Club)
Law enforcement agencies Chief Roosevelt Smith

(Lithonia Police Dept.)

Religious or fraternal organizations Phyllis & John llevbare Dr. Hubert Brown
Healthcare professionals Mary Salaam Taylor Streeter Nzinga Ashaki Hall
State, local or tribal agencies with expertise in the field of substance abuse Nia Sutton (State) Mona Franklin (Local)
Civic and volunteer groups Evelyn Johnson Carl Morgan
Other organizations


Jessica Hamrick

(Second Chance Pursuit)